Here is what’s happening at Pranayama Yoga Studio:

As you may all know by now, Pranayama Yoga Studio is transitioning into the new phase. The soon-to-be new owners of the studio, Bea, Bob and Javinta are very excited to continue offering yoga to the Rockford community The Iyengar Way.  We’ve been vigorously trained by Jennie Williford and other senior Iyengar teachers in the Midwest to deliver you one of the best quality yoga experiences in Rockford!  Whether it’s been a while since your last yoga class or you’ve been one of our regular students, we’re looking forward seeing you at the studio for the new 4-week session which starts on May 4th! The first Yoga Sutra of Patanjali says – Atha Yoganusasanam, which translates into “Now begins the instructions of Yoga”. NOW is your opportunity to experience the transformative nature of this practice!

You are invited to OPEN HOUSE / GOOD BYE PARTY on APRIL 29th from5.30-8 pm!  Come for good food, music and entertainment and a chance to say farewell to our teacher Jennie Williford as life takes her to the next great adventure. Come and wish her the best on her journey! We will all miss her! New students are also very welcome to join the party…and bring your friends along!

Click here to see our flyer!

New 4-week session calendar is below. As always, we offer punch cards for $45 per session (4 classes), $80 (8 classes) or $15 drop-in fee. We only accept cash or checks.

There is no requirement to pre-register, just come in shortly before the class and we will get you started! All the mats and props that you need are waiting for you. And remember that your first class at Pranayama Yoga Studio is always FREE so you can decide if the practice is for you. And by giving yourself the gift of yoga, we give you the gift of $10 off your first punch card.

Click here to see May 4th – May 30th Schedule

We will continue to offer Saturday 10 am Community Classes. They run on donation bases ($5 minimum) and are great way to give back to the Rockford community. The morning Saturday classes are also enjoyable way to end your busy/hectic week, or to start your weekend. Please join us on Saturdays!

Javinta, Bob & Bea

815-968-9642 (YOGA)


The Only Constant is Change

Ah yes, that age-old adage – “the only constant in life is change”…

Yoga surely acknowledges this fact, but sometimes in smaller and slower increments. So, in case we start to forget, life is there to throw us the big ones!

If you missed class these first two weeks of the current session, you also missed the announcement that change is coming to Pranayama Yoga Studio. At the end of 2014, my husband quit his job and that means we will be moving on from Rockford soon. These past few months have been a whirlwind of transition and decision.

Many of you know that Pranayama Yoga Studio was a blessing to me from Joan Hurd when she retired, and so I am paying it forward to three student teachers of the studio. Javinta Armoska, Bea Dworecki, and Bob Schaye will be taking on the teaching and responsibilities of running the studio as of May 2015. I will be finishing out this current 8-week session that runs through April 25, but you will see them more and more as I travel to interviews and home searches.

Though change does sometimes bring some pain, it also brings exciting opportunities. It has been wonderful introducing Iyengar Yoga to the Rockford Community, but new teachers can bring new perspectives on practice and on yoga. As Pranayama Yoga Studio goes through these changes, I want to encourage you all to continue in your long, uninterrupted, and disciplined practice.

New Session Begins Monday March 2

It is that time again…to decide if that idea you had about starting yoga will become a reality or once more pass you by. We will be beginning a new 8-week session next week, and now is the time to get the best out of starting your yoga practice!

Pranayama Yoga Studio runs on 8-week sessions and with leveled classes, giving our students the opportunity to learn the practice of yoga in a more structured, graspable, and traditional manner. The best results from yoga come from a regular practice, not just a class every now and then, so committing to the 8-week session gives you the amazing opportunity to realize the transformative nature of yoga.

But there are always those questions: will I like it? will I be able to do it? am I too stiff, too fat, too old, too young, etc…

The answers only lie in giving yoga a try! Your first class at Pranayama Yoga Studio is always FREE so you can decide if the practice is for you. And by giving yourself the gift of yoga, we give you the gift of $10 off your first punch card.

No need to pre-register, just come on in to the class that suits you best and we will get you started! All the mats and props that you need are waiting for you, so we’ll see you soon!

Aware and Awake

I am noticing more and more that one of the major benefits of Iyengar Yoga is its ability to wake people up on every level. In a world of quick fixes, escapism, and sensual pleasure, I think this is an aspect of yoga that cannot be ignored.

The approach to yoga that BKS Iyengar took was very much guided by the long, uninterrupted, disciplined practice described in The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – aiming to bring a dull state of being to awareness and the fluctuating mind to a state of attentiveness.

The hard part of starting yoga and/or continuing a yoga practice, is not getting caught up in our usual expectations. Yoga works, and especially Iyengar Yoga works, when we are able to check our egos at the door and open up to a new experience at every moment. But the mind gets bored, or just wants to get moving to things we already think we know. The body aches or has some issue we would rather just ignore. So, having to stay in a pose to focus the mind or move in a way that is new and possibly scary can just be a bit much – our usual mental and physical habits mostly win out.

BKS Iyengar knew the hardships of having a body that was never perfect and a life full of all its usual struggles. In a very real way, yoga gave him life and he shared that life with the rest of the world. His gift was the ability to wake students up whether they liked it or not, getting us out of our usual habits and bringing the element of awareness back to yoga that was getting lost in the culture of physical obsession and mental escape.

Of course being awakened may bring us immediately alert and happy into the new day, or make us temporarily grumpy and a bit on edge. Either way, being awake is the only way we are able to experience life to its fullest, so let yoga awaken you!